Living Water Resort

Exceptional River Activities to Enjoy by Living Water Resort in Jinja, River Bank


River Activities That Can Be Relished At Living Water Resorts by the River Bank:

White-Water Rafting

One of the most usual activities at Living Water Resorts is white-water rafting. Jinja is one of the world’s top rafting places. Rafters of all talent levels can adore the excitement of crossing through the rapids with practiced guides on hand to confirm safety. 

Living Water Resorts deals with half-day and full-day rafting tours and multi-day trips for those looking for a more profound experience. In addition, rafters can take superb views of the Nile and its surroundings from the river bank.


An extra popular activity at Living Water Resorts is kayaking. 

  • Whether you are a learner or an expert kayaker, the Nile offers something for everybody. 
  • Kayakers can like the serene waters of the Nile or tackle the waterfalls in a kayak. 
  • Living Water Resorts offers kayak charges and led kayaking trips for those looking to travel the Nile on their own.
  • Kayaking permits visitors to get up close and private with the Nile and its residents, such as crocodiles, hippos, and numerous bird classes that can be perceived from the river bank.

Stand-Up Water Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun and thrilling way to search the Nile. Living Water Resorts suggests stand-up paddleboard rents and directed trips for those looking to practice the Nile in a new method. The calm waters of the Nile mark it a great place to pick up how to stand-up paddleboard, while more expert paddlers can take on the waterfalls. 

In addition, stand-up paddle boarding provides a distinctive outlook of the Nile, letting visitors take in the prettiness of the river and its backgrounds from the river bank.


Fishing is a popular activity at Living Water Resorts, and the Nile River is home to various fish. Visitors can aim to catch Nile branches, catfish, and tilapia, amongst other species. Living Water Resorts deals with fishing gear charges and conducted fishing voyages for those looking to experience the Nile in a new way. Fishing proposals visitors a chance to ease and slow down by the river bank, taking in the pacific surroundings while annoying to catch their dinner.

River Boating

For those viewing the experience of the Nile in a more relaxing way, it deals with river boating. 

  • Guests can take a boat cycle down the Nile, taking in the fabulous scenery and nature. 
  • Living Water Resorts offers various boat cruises, from sunset to bird-watching cruises. 
  • River sailing permits visitors to take in the attractiveness of the Nile and its surroundings from the river bank in a comfy and undisturbed venue.


For those seeing to engage themselves in the Nile Resort familiarity truly, it suggests camping by the river bank. Visitors can pitch a camp and pass the night under the stars, hearing the noises of the Nile. Resorts deals camping tools charges and funneled camping outings for those watching to experience .

Bungee Jumping

For the more exciting, Living Water Resorts deals with bungee jumping off the Nile’s famous Bujagali Falls. The frightening of jumping off and touching the current of the water underneath you is a memorable experience.


In conclusion, Living Water Resorts in Jinja deals with a broad series of special river activities for people to adore. The primary fascination in Jinja, offers doings such as white rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, and Bungee Jumping. They supply to all skill levels and offer visitors an accidental to practice the beauty and adventure safely and pleasantly. 

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